About us.

Constructions, shapes, and philosophy.

About Bubble.

We are Bubble Custom Boards, a custom workshop producing boards shaped and tested in Fuerteventura. Our objective? To design 100% made-to-measure boards for all our clients.


One, or perhaps even the most, important reason for custom boards is to have a shape designed for each individual. Far from the great influence and trends caused by the marketing strategies of the big companies, we are devoted to creating boards which are 100% designed with the customers’ needs in mind. This means that we have no templates or stock shapes, but that each board is adapted to the specific demands of the client, right down to millimetre changes in rocker lines, rail shapes, bottom shapes and so on.


At Bubble Custom Boards, we use the highest quality materials available on the market to construct our boards.

We understand that each person's board needs are unique, so we offer personalized construction options.

Our collaboration with aerospace engineer Marc Petsche has led to significant innovations in board construction. We optimize every aspect of the board's structure, including the placement of laminates and reinforcements, to ensure maximum comfort and navigation performance. This results in an ideal weight-to-durability ratio without sacrificing performance.

To cater to individual preferences, we have developed 8 different construction options to choose from.



Our construction utilizing E-glass fiberglass, unidirectional and biaxial carbon is the most cost-effective option.

We offer two versions:

  • Basic-flex: Suitable for customers who don't prioritize jumping.
  • Hardcore-flex: A highly durable board for customers who enjoy jumping. It is slightly heavier than the Basic-flex version.



In this, we would use S-glass fiberglass, unidirectional and biaxial carbon.

S-glass has better mechanical properties than E-glass. So the result is a better weight/strength/durability ratio.

We make this construction in 3 versions:

  • X-light-flex: This would be our best version for a wave board. Very light, good flex, and resistant for non-extreme jumps.
  • Light-flex: Intended for people who won't jump and prioritize surfing. Slightly heavier than x-light-flex.
  • Hardcore-flex:  The strongest and most resistant version. Slightly heavier but intended for customers whose priority is jumping and navigating in tough wind and wave conditions.


FULL CARBON (X-light-stiff)

This construction uses unidirectional carbon and E-glass fiberglass. We achieve extra-light boards. We recommend them only for freeride, freestyle, or slalom boards. Not recommended for wave boards due to their rigidity.



Dyneema fiber has exceptional qualities in terms of tension and penetration. When applied to boards, we can construct a board with a shell very resistant to point impacts from rocks or other obstacles. In the Dyneema construction, we would have 2 versions:

  • Light-Dyneema-S-Glass: In this version, we would use very lightweight Dyneema to improve characteristics regarding breakage from impacts with rocks, for example. The result is an even more resistant version of our x-light-flex, with minimal added weight.
  • Hardcore-Dyneema: This would be the version with the most resistant exterior laminate to impacts and rocks. Recommended for customers who sail in rocky spots.


We make boards for all types of conditions from flatwater freeride boards to dedicated wave boards designed for radical turns in side-off waveriding conditions. The process when a client orders a 100% custom board is the following:

-Firstly we establish, together with the client, exactly what will be expected of the board, which aspects of performance the client would like to be improved upon compared to its predecessor.

-If the previous board was a Bubble then this part of the process is made easy for us as we draw on our experience and constant testing to improve on the points required by looking at the measurements of the old board and introducing some of our more recent design developments (we keep a meticulous record of every board made here at Bubble so we can look at the previous shape in infinite detail and therefore find ways to streamline its performance).

-If this is not the case, then we have a range of test boards which the client can then try and we work from there.

-If this is not possible for whatever reason then we work with the client to assess the exact properties required from the board.

-We are very experienced in this area of customer relation, it being essential in the production of a suitable 100% custom board.

-We are fully aware that one board can never suit every sailor as the performance expected from a board is wholly dependent on sailor ability, weight, style of sailing, prevailing conditions and many other factors.

-We always give a shape guarantee with our boards, that is to say if we make a board which does not achieve the parameters set by the client then we assume responsibility and will do our best to rectify the situation by one means or another. This is what we believe to be the essence of a true custom board and is 100% our philosophy here at Bubble Custom Boards.

Price range


E-GLASS BASIC-FLEX 1,975.00 € 6.25Kg
HARDCORE-FLEX 2,175.00 € 6.45Kg
S-GLASS XLIGHT-FLEX 2,525.00 € 5,45KG
LIGHT-FLEX 2,325.00 € 5,85KG
HARDCORE-FLEX 2,475.00 € 6,25KG
HARDCORE 2,925.00 €
* Please note:
Prices may vary depending on volume, board design and selected fins.
Prices include a thruster setup (3 fin boxes), pads and footstraps. Fins are not included.
Any fin box system available. An extra box costs around 50€.
Weights are approximated for an 80l. board.


80% PVC CARBON 1,450.00 €
FULL PVC CARBON 1,975.00 €
* Please note:
Prices may vary depending on volume and board design.


E-GLASS 1,450.00 €
S-GLASS 1,650.00 €
* Please note:
Prices may vary depending on volume, board design and selected fins.


E-GLASS 725.00 €
S-GLASS 825.00 €
* Please note:
Prices may vary depending on size, board design and selected fins.
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